Settings to get the most out of your Smartphone

On some of our Smartphones there are optional settings that can help you get a better experience. Take a look at the descriptions below to make the most of these options.

Activating data roaming:

In order to have mobile data coverage everywhere in New Zealand you need to enable data roaming. Enabling data roaming is easy and will allow you to access the internet, email and MMS messaging outside of 2degrees Mobile Broadband Zone coverage.

Please note that this setting will also mean your handset will access the internet when you travel overseas so you may want to reverse these steps to avoid international data roaming charges.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0): Go to Settings>Wireless and networks>More…>Mobile networks and make sure both Use packet data & Data roaming are checked

Samsung Ativ S: Go To Settings> mobile network> Data roaming options and select roam from the dropdown box.

Huawei Ascend W1: Go To Settings> mobile network> Data roaming options and select roam from the dropdown box.

HTC One X: Go to Settings>Mobile network settings and check Data roaming.

Nokia Lumia N800: Go to Settings>cellular then select Roam from the Data roaming options drop down.

LG Optimus P990 (2X): Go to Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile network settings and check Data Roaming.

Apple iPhone: Go to Settings>General>Network and select Data Roaming.

Motorola Defy +: Go to Settings>Battery & data manager>Data delivery then check the Data roaming box. 

Maintenance upgrade process for Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung have released a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S III. As this update contains a number of enhancements for your device, it is recommended you download and upgrade.

Prior to starting the update process it’s a good idea to ensure you have at least 50% battery remaining and to also back up your data.

To update your handset simply navigate to Settings/About device, select Software update and follow the prompts.